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Breach of Duty of Loyalty Claims

Breach of Duty of Loyalty Claims Business Lawyer – Minneapolis, St Paul MN

A successful business partnership depends on trust and loyalty and in exchange the law imposes certain rights and obligations to those in charge. People in positions of trust or fiduciary relationships such as directors, officers and some high-level employees of a business owe duties to their principles or employers. Those duties require that the fiduciary acts in the best interest of the employer, free of any self-dealing, conflicts of interest, or other abuses of their position for personal advantage.

Breaches of duty of loyalty claims are often complex and difficult to prove. Stephen Hance has extensive experience representing clients in enforcing and defending duty of loyalty claims. Hance Law Firm, located in Downtown Wayzata, has a broad base of experience representing business clients and understands that sometimes it is a fine line between aggressive management and self-dealing. We know the kinds of evidence needed to prove a breach of loyalty claim and can effectively and efficiently investigate and prosecute your claim. Likewise, our experience defending clients in investigations and lawsuits makes us skilled advocates at protecting your rights in the face of a claim. It's that kind of nuanced experience that clients benefit from and sets us apart from our competitors.

Hance Law Firm takes that broad base of experience in the business world and brings it to each negotiation and representation. Many times those skills result in our ability to keep a client out of court and to quickly and efficiently resolve a breach of loyalty claim without the need for a trial. We have experience representing clients in all kinds of alternative dispute resolution forums and embrace the opportunity to bring a cost-effective solution to their dispute.

Breaches of loyalty claims can be costly to your business. In addition to the costs associated in bringing or defending a claim, a successful claimant may receive damages for lost profits and sometimes even disgorgement of salary. Yet these claims can be some of the most frequent to arise. Consider an employee of a business who, while employed, communicates with the business's customers about leaving and taking business with him. It's an act that happens frequently and in fact many successful businesses start from those kinds of communications. But in different circumstances those facts can be considered a breach of loyalty which is why it is crucial to have experienced, knowledgeable counsel helping guide your business decisions.

Breach of Loyalty Claims often Arise with other Claims, such as a Breach of a Non-Solicitation or Non-compete Agreement.

As a result the case law that has emerged is often complex and nuanced and can be difficult to translate without the help of experienced counselors. That's why you and your business should turn to Hance Law Firm. We come steeped in an understanding of how businesses operates and can craft a solution from that dense and complicated law that fits the practical needs and concerns of your business. Contact Hance Law Firm and let us represent you in your breach of loyalty claims. With a centrally located office in Downtown Wayzata, Hance Law Firm services clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

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