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Business Law

As a business owner, you know that sometimes business disputes come up, and when they do you need an advocate who can tend to those matters while you keep your business moving. Whether it is through negotiation, arbitration, or trial, Stephen Hance is that kind of advocate.

Our first priority is resolving disputes efficiently and effectively for our clients, and this often includes alternative dispute resolution forums. We have extensive experience in both mediation and arbitration and understand that, as different forums, they require different approaches. With Hance Law Firm, your business will not get a cookie-cutter approach to resolving disputes.

But even with the best of efforts sometimes alternative dispute methods fail to produce a solution and the parties cannot avoid litigation. Stephen Hance is a seasoned litigator with experience bringing all sorts of cases to trial and successful conclusion.

For example, sometimes a dispute takes the form of a breach of a fiduciary duty between business partners or shareholders. If a business member violates his or her obligation to deal with the business and its opportunities in good faith, or if he or she has a divided loyalty, litigation may be the only way to remedy the harm caused by those breaches. Or sometimes a former employee or vendor violates a non-compete agreement or may interfere with another business relationship. When these kinds of things happen to your business, Hance Law Firm is the one you want to handle it.

Mr. Hance also understands that your business depends on your brand and your ideas and that protecting them is a top priority. Hance Law Firm has experience resolving disputes over business intellectual property rights. We've successfully helped clients defend and prosecute patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims. With technology making intellectual property theft and infringement more ubiquitous, it pays to have a lawyer who is experienced handling these claims. Stephen Hance is.

Business Litigation can be Costly to a Business

Stephen Hance knows that any dispute can be costly to a business, but some disputes can be especially costly to small businesses. Take a commercial insurance coverage dispute, for example. If a commercial insurance company undervalues or denies your business a fair claim that can mean the end of the road for many businesses. But Hance Law Firm will fight to get what proceeds you are rightfully due. The insurance company may try to pay you less, or even nothing at all, by relying on convoluted and confusing contract language. We will not let them do that to your business.

We understand that the future of your business may depend on the resolution of disputes. That's why we combine our sophisticated business sense with strong litigation skills to make sure that resolution is in your favor. We treat every case like it's going to trial and we don't stop till we know your interests have been best served. If you or your company is in need of representation in a business dispute, please contact Hance Law Firm and let us put you on the path toward resolution. With a centrally located office in Wayzata, Steve Hance serves clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

Hance Law Firm, LTD

Today's businesses face an uncertain climate and more than ever need effective, knowledgeable counsel to help guide them to success. The attorneys at Hance Law Firm take pride in the comprehensive and reliable legal counsel they provide to their clients.

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