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Civil Defense

Posted by Attorney Stephen Hance | Sep 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

People are inundated with advertisements on television and along roadsides by Plaintiff's lawyers looking for new clients. For whatever reason though, other areas of law are rarely promoted publicly. One area of law in particular is the defense of civil lawsuits. One reason for this is that the most common personal injury lawsuits are typically defended at the expense of insurance companies on behalf of their insureds.

There are many areas of defense though, that are not covered by insurance. Some examples are contract disputes, claims of fraud, tortious interference, shareholder disputes, property line or easement disputes and many others. Too often, defense (and prosecution) of these types of disputes end up with general practitioners or firms that do not regularly handle litigation or lawsuits. Nowadays, with the number of trials dwindling nationally, it is harder to find lawyers who are really experienced trial lawyers, which is what clients need to defend significant civil cases.

If you have been sued, you should immediately talk to an experienced trial lawyer and ideally one who regularly practices in the subject area. As with many law firms, Hance Law Firm offers a free initial consultation. We may discover that you have insurance which covers your defense or another way to avoid the cost of defense. If not though, an experienced lawyer will help you determine whether you need to be represented and come up with a plan for a successful defense. In most cases, the defendant's goal is to get out of the lawsuit as quickly and cheaply as possible. But sometimes you may need to assert a counterclaim or get other parties involved to effectively defend yourself.

Lawyers who handle civil defense usually charge by the hour and seek an up-front retainer. Experienced lawyers can usually give you a good idea of the cost of litigation at that initial meeting so you understand the situation and are better informed if settlement discussions occur. If you have been sued, we are more than happy to discuss your case with you.

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Attorney Stephen Hance

Steve represents and advises clients that are dealing with business and real estate disputes. Steve is an investor and business owner, and his approach is unique from other attorneys.


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