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Claims Related to Non-Compete Agreements

Stephen Hance has extensive experience representing clients in claims related to non-compete agreements. Determining if a non-compete agreement is enforceable is a complicated process that requires the assistance of knowledgeable and competent attorneys. If you need assistance with a non-compete agreement contact Hance Law Firm located in Downtown Wayzata. We will look to see if there was independent consideration for signing the non-compete agreement and make sure the geographic limitations and enforcement periods of the agreement is reasonable. Ignoring or breaching a non-compete agreement can have serious consequences, even if you think the agreement is unreasonable. Before you make any such decision contact Hance Law Firm.

We can help your business draft non-compete agreements that will stand up in court. Drafting non-compete agreements can be a complicated process of applying relevant law to the specific facts and situations of a client's business. Mistakes in the agreement can make them void and expose your business to unnecessary loss and liability. That's why if you need a non-compete you should work with Hance Law Firm to make sure your business is protected.

The law Surrounding Non-Compete Agreements has Developed over Time which makes it a Complicated and Dynamic Area of Practice.

Hance Law Firm keeps up with each development and change in the law which helps us bring efficient and knowledgeable legal services to clients in Wayzata, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area. The rules governing non-compete agreements are nuanced and ever-changing. Don't risk your business with a poorly-drawn and unenforceable non-compete agreement. Contact Hance Law Firm and let us help you keep your business advantage.

Because we have a broad background in business we are often able to effectively resolve business disputes before the time and expense of a trial. Early negotiations and interventions in a non-compete dispute can save clients time and money. Stephen Hance is skilled at getting to early resolutions at the pre-litigation stage as well as all forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.

Hance Law Firm also knows that sometimes a dispute will only fully resolve through the trial process. That's why we treat every case like it will go to trial. Our tenacity and dedication pays off for clients in principled, effective counseling that keeps the business interests of our clients protected while these disputes get resolved.

Your business depends on protecting your assets and relationships, and one way to protect those things is through the use of non-compete agreements. If your business needs assistance with a non-compete agreement, or if you have questions or concerns about the enforceability of a non-compete agreement, contact Hance Law Firm. We will walk you through the analysis and help you come to resolution of your non-compete agreement issues so you can get back to business.

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