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Business Contract Negotiations and Disputes

Stephen Hance has years of experience representing commercial clients in a host of contract negotiations and disputes. In fact, contract disputes are some of the most common issues our clients face and we take pride in providing effective, efficient representation in any circumstance.

Given the wide range of commercial law expertise Mr. Hance has, it makes sense that Hance Law Firm is one of the best at resolving contract disputes for both large and small businesses alike. Contract disputes and breach of contract cases are often the logical result of a misunderstanding of a business agreement. Hance Law Firm can help you avoid these disputes or misunderstandings by providing clear competent advice concerning your contractual rights and obligations. Allowing us to review and, if necessary, modify your contracts before committing to them can save your business time and the expense and headaches of a contract dispute. Whenever possible, Hance Law Firm tries to help clients avoid problems before they even come up.

Perhaps more than any other area of practice, contract disputes can simply fall into a category of “expected” bumps in the road that a business will experience. Most contract disputes will not cause the downfall of your business nor will they expose your business to tremendous liability which means they are not worth a long, drawn-out and expensive legal battle. Hance Law Firm understands this fact of business life and has successfully resolved contract disputes for clients without the need of a lawsuit. We understand that some of the best services we can provide is a quick, efficient resolution of a dispute so that your business can continue on with as little disruption as possible.

When Negotiations Fail, and Sometimes they do, you want Aggressive and Tenacious Advocates Fighting for your Business.

Stephen Hance has extensive experience representing clients in Wayzata, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area in state and federal court as well as alternative dispute resolution forums like mediation and arbitration. We will pursue those rights at every step of the trial including judgment and appeal, if necessary.

Contact Hance Law Firm for all your contract dispute resolution needs. We understand how contracts work and can help you avoid unnecessary complications and misunderstandings. If your business is facing a contract dispute it is important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible as you may have rights and obligations that require immediate attention. Contact Hance Law Firm and let us protect those rights.

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Today's businesses face an uncertain climate and more than ever need effective, knowledgeable counsel to help guide them to success. The attorneys at Hance Law Firm take pride in the comprehensive and reliable legal counsel they provide to their clients.

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