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Eminent Domain

Almost any real estate development project will, at some point, involve an eminent domain issue, whether it's a new development, a rehabilitation, or even the expansion of a municipal project. When that happens, call Hance Law Firm. With offices in Wayzata, Minnesota, Hance Law Firm represents clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

Hance Law Firm has extensive experience representing clients in eminent domain proceedings and property rights disputes. “Eminent domain” proceedings are also known as “condemnation” proceedings. This is the legal process by which a government body, and sometimes a private entity like a utility company, is given the legal power to take private property for a use that has been declared to be public by a constitution, statute or local ordinance. The result is often a complicated and emotional proceeding that requires advocates with a strong understanding of the law and a drive to hold power accountable.

Once a condemnation proceeding has begun the party who owns the land is entitled to “just compensation” for the rights to that property, and Hance Law Firm will fight for that just compensation. Typically, just compensation is defined as the “fair market value” of the property and any consequential damages, and can be a complicated process to determine which is why you need an advocate like the Hance Law Firm.

Our Advocates will Assist in the Valuation of Your Property for Fair Market Purposes and Make Sure there is Full Consideration for the Current Value of the Land and any Improvements.

We make certain your rights are protected during the condemnation process. We will help in the appraisal process and make sure each improvement and consideration is given so that you receive the full value of damages to which you are entitled.

Before your property can be condemned the authority must have established that the property will be taken for a public purpose and they must also try to buy the property from you in a good faith negotiation. Hance Law Firm will represent you in that negotiation and work to get an effective and efficient resolution that protects your rights. In addition to a strong background in real estate law, Stephen Hance has a sophisticated background in business law which makes Hance Law Firm excellent and effective negotiators. We understand the real estate market and the business climate and bring that understanding to every negotiation, making sure our clients get what they are entitled to.

Sometimes eminent domain proceedings can be resolved without the need for litigation. But sometimes they cannot and when that happens a judge must decide if a public purpose exists and if so, what constitutes just compensation related to the condemnation. When that happens you want dedicated, experienced advocates representing your interests before the court.

Eminent domain proceedings can be complex and complicated and require  experienced attorneys like Stephen Hance. If you or your business is facing an eminent domain proceedings, contact Hance Law Firm for a free consultation at our Wayzata office and let us fight for your rights.

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