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Fraud Claims

In the complex and sophisticated world of business litigation a fraud claim can suddenly put your business and your assets at risk. Hance Law Firm, a Wayzata-based firm representing clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area, has built a reputation on aggressively and ethically representing their clients' interests and protecting their assets in all kinds of fraud claims including breach of fiduciary duty or trust claims, misrepresentation of shareholders claims, and misrepresentations and omissions.

Fraud claims can take on all sorts of appearances but the basic element is the same, and that is a charge that someone is deliberately deceiving someone else in order to damage them financially.

Unlike many other business litigation claims, for a plaintiff to prevail in a fraud claim he or she must show some kind of intent on the part of the defendant to mislead the plaintiff. Fraud claims require plaintiffs allege certain specific details related to the misrepresentations and a failure to do so can get a fraud claim dismissed.

Sometimes Fraud Claims come from an Affirmative Misstatement and Sometimes a Fraud Claim can Stem from a Fraudulent Nondisclosure.

Those kinds of claims are called omission claims and occur when a party knowingly conceals a material fact knowing the other party will rely on the nondisclosure. The case law surrounding these kinds of claims is complicated and complex which is why if you or your business are facing claims of misrepresentations or omissions you should turn to Hance Law Firm. We understands the nuances built into bringing and defending a fraud claim.

Hance Law Firm also has experience handling negligent misrepresentation claims. For a plaintiff to succeed in a negligent misrepresentation he or she must show that someone in the course of his business, profession or employment, or involving a transaction for money, supplied false information for the guidance of others in their business transactions. So long as the other party justifiably relied on that information the defendant can be liable for damages.

Prosecuting and defending business fraud claims takes a special understanding of the complex nature of our clients' businesses. Hance Law Firm knows the business and brings that knowledge and expertise into representing client interests during investigations, audits and in all stages of litigation.

If you or your business have been accused of fraud, or if you believe you or your business has been the victim of a fraud you need to contact an attorney right away as even the initial assessment of your claims or defenses can take a long time. Fraud claims often involve documents to review and sometimes victims don't piece together the scam for some time after it has occurred.

Business fraud claims are complex pieces of litigation that requires an attorney with a sophisticated understanding of business transactions and a tireless investigatory spirit. Hance Law Firm brings this combination of skills and intellect to every client matter they handle. From claims surrounding fraudulent statements to claims of negligent omissions or misrepresentations, Hance Law Firm can represent you in all your business litigation needs. Contact us for a free consultation at our Downtown Wayzata office.

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