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Insurance Coverage Claims

Insurance agreements are contracts, and deep in the language of those contracts are the terms and conditions by which the insurance company will pay for a claim made against that policy. Sometimes insurance companies challenge your right to the benefits of your policy. When that happens you need the experience of Hance Law Firm to represent your rights.

If an Insurance Company is going to Challenge or Dispute a Claim made on a Policy they must Follow Certain Rules and Hance Law Firm will make sure They do.

Stephen Hance has a wide range of experience and a record of success enforcing policyholders' rights to coverage under many types of commercial policies. Hance Law Firm has represented clients facing all sorts of losses and liabilities.

Hance Law Firm, located in Downtown Wayzata and servicing clients through Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities area, has a sophisticated understanding of business law which we bring to each stage of a coverage dispute. We are skilled negotiators who often help clients find resolution to their claims without going through the expense of a lawsuit.

To that end we take a simple approach to our insurance coverage practice: aggressively find coverage for our clients while creating a practical and efficient strategy to pursuing coverage disputes on behalf of our clients. We will carefully walk through the cost-benefit analysis of our approaches as we look for a solution that best fits your needs and the needs of your business. Whenever possible we find resolution for our clients' claims in pre-litigation forums from information negotiations to formal mediation and arbitration because sometimes the best legal advice we can give is to keep a client out of court.

Hance Law Firm also knows that despite best efforts some disputes will only find resolution through a lawsuit. When litigation is necessary you want attorneys with extensive trial experience litigating cases in both state and federal court. Insurance coverage disputes involve a complex set of laws and rules which makes finding the right advocate with the right experience so important.

Hance Law Firm draws on our broad spectrum of experience representing all kinds of businesses in all sorts of situations in negotiating and finding resolution to our clients insurance coverage disputes. We understand that a denial of coverage can threaten the existence of your business and that speedy resolution can be critical in making the difference between whether your business succeeds or goes under.

The marketplace is uncertain enough. The success or failure of your business should not be threatened by an insurance company wrongfully denying your claim. If an insurance company is challenging your rights to benefits under an insurance policy you need to contact experienced counsel right away as you may be running out of time to protect those rights. Contact the Wayzata-based office of Hance Law Firm. We can efficiently review your situation and help you get the benefits you deserve.

Hance Law Firm, LTD

Today's businesses face an uncertain climate and more than ever need effective, knowledgeable counsel to help guide them to success. The attorneys at Hance Law Firm take pride in the comprehensive and reliable legal counsel they provide to their clients.

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