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Labor and Employment Litigation and Investigations

A critical component to a well-run and successful business is a fair relationship with employees and labor. Human resource management issues can consume critical human and financial resources. Hance Law Firm can help you manage your workforce at every stage of the way.

We come with a broad background in business and the law making us a natural choice for all your employment and labor litigation issues. We have a wide range of experience representing clients in hiring and termination decisions. Even the most carefully executed termination does not guarantee you won't be sued. We understand this and will help you take the proper steps to make sure your business is protected and prepared to defend any challenge to the decision an employee may bring.

Stephen Hance has a wide range of experience defending employers in labor and employment issues and will bring that experience to make sure your business experiences minimal disruptions as a result of an employment dispute. We understand that these cases can get emotional for the parties involved and create unwelcome and unneeded distractions for the rest of your employees.

After Decades of Experience Representing Businesses in Labor and Employment Negotiations and Disputes, Hance Law Firm has Fine Tuned their Abilities to Find Resolution in an Effective and Efficient Manner.

Employment and labor disputes can involve multiple and competing state and federal laws. It's a complex area of the law made more complicated by the human element involved in each decision. Successful advocates are able to balance all these competing forces and find a resolution that makes business sense and financial sense.

Even the best-run businesses have a need to conduct internal investigations of employee behavior at some point. But employee investigations are fraught with areas of potential liability for employers and should be handled only with the assistance of competent and experienced counsel. Stephen Hance is just the kind of advocate and counselor you need for these kinds of investigations.

Conducting a successful investigation means navigating a complex maze of state and federal laws, and sometimes even collective bargaining agreements. Investigations of employee conduct must be done with the utmost respect for the rights and privacy of all parties involved to avoid potential liability. Hance Law Firm can counsel you through each step of the investigation and help you manage the risk associated with employee investigations.

If your business is facing employment or labor issues, contact Hance Law Firm located in Downtown Wayzata. We have extensive experience representing clients in every stage of the employer/employee relationship and can help you manage your human capital. Employment and labor issues can be costly to a business. Let Hance Law Firm represent you in all your employment and labor needs. We can negotiate fair contracts, conduct employee investigations and defend your business in any related litigation. Contact Hance Law Firm before your labor and employment issues become disputes. Centrally located in Wayzata, Minnesota, Steve Hance services clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

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Today's businesses face an uncertain climate and more than ever need effective, knowledgeable counsel to help guide them to success. The attorneys at Hance Law Firm take pride in the comprehensive and reliable legal counsel they provide to their clients.

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