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Lawyer's Poem To Opposing Counsel Could Get Him Sanctioned

Posted by Attorney Stephen Hance | Mar 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

There are times when the practice of law can be frustrating. Sometimes opposing counsel is difficult to work with, or sometimes the natural delays built into a litigation calendar can simply test a lawyer's limits. Even Stephen Hance has had his share of moments when he could throw his hands up in the air, but he's never come close to doing anything like one Atlanta attorney did.

Days after mediation efforts broke down in a nine-year divorce action A. Todd Merolla of Merolla & Gold, who represents Drew Doscher, wrote a 60-line poem in a Dec. 23 e-mail that began, “Twas the week before Christmas, in the Matrimonial Part,/ All the creatures were stirring, putting their horse in front of the cart./The fee applications were pending, bills demanding to be paid,/In hopes that Drew's resolve, soon would fade.”

The poem was sent to Special Referee Frank Schellace and Merolla's adversary, Kenneth Weinstein of Garden City, who had recently added more invoices to a motion for counsel fees. The poem refers to “The attorneys and consultants nestled all snug in their beds/While vision of paid fees danced in their heads.”

The poem could have Merolla facing disciplinary action. While a judge already denied one motion for contempt and sanctions in connection to the submission, the judge referred the email containing the poem to the grievance committee to determine if the poem rises to the level of sanctionable conduct.

To be fair, most divorce actions do not languish over the course of nearly a decade, so it's a little easier to feel sympathy for the attorney in this case. However, no matter how long a case or how difficult it may be, rest assured that if you hire Stephen Hance, his skills match his professionalism and both are top notch. Contact Hance Law Firm for all your family law needs.

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