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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes present challenges unlike any other area of the law. To begin with, each piece of property is unique which means it carries its own special value and this means that no two outcomes of a case can be exactly the same. It also means that the law surrounding real property disputes has developed into a complex and intricate set of rules that requires expert practitioners to navigate. Hance Law Firm has just that kind of expertise.

We represent clients who face actual or threatened litigation surrounding real estate and real property and have extensive experience both defending and enforcing rights. Hance Law Firm takes a no-nonsense approach to negotiating, resolving, and when necessary, litigating real estate disputes that brings proven results for our clients. That's in part due to Stephen Hance's history and reputation as a leader in the business law community. Stephen Hance knows the real estate market and business law. We bring this knowledge and experience to every case in order to craft a solution unique to you and your particular real property dispute.

Advocates who can bring the kind of knowledge and experience to your case that Hance Law Firm brings are especially crucial in today's real estate market. While some of the fallout from the collapse of the housing market may have subsided there are still plenty of dark spots and unknowns that can cause individuals and their businesses headaches. We have helped clients ride this wave of collapse and uncertainty and its impact in financing real estate purchases, challenges to valuations, and foreclosures and short sales. By combining tenacious and persistent skills as litigators with the perspective and sophistication of business law practitioners, Hance Law Firm has successfully helped clients survive a market turned chaotic.

A real estate dispute can be worked out in a number of venues, and Hance Law Firm has experience successfully resolving disputes in all of them. Sometimes real estate disputes are governed by mediation and/or arbitration provisions. In those cases we can negotiate settlement on your behalf or represent your interests during the resolution process. We have extensive negotiation and settlement experience and are always looking for the most efficient and effective resolution to our clients' disputes.

We also know that sometimes only litigation will bring an end to a disagreement. That's why we treat each case like it's going to trial and are prepared to see every case through all the way through appeals, if necessary. This dogged commitment comes from our deeply-held belief that, just like the piece of property in dispute, our clients deserve unique and individualized resolution to their disputes.

We also understand that real estate disputes can often be emotional, especially when they involve property that has personal significance for our clients. We never lose sight of the fact that each case means a lot to our clients and they count on our expertise to drive their case toward resolution. If you or your business is involved in a real estate dispute contact  Hance Law Firm and let us fight for your rights.

With a centrally located office in Wayzata, Hance Law Firm represents clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

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