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Minority Shareholder Freeze-Outs

Nobody goes into starting a business thinking they'll run into conflicts with their business partners, but unfortunately, anticipated or not, conflicts in business arise. This is especially true for small business owners who may suddenly find themselves in a tense business relationship with minority shareholders for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a minority shareholder dies and leaves his or her interest to a third party, or sometimes the natural evolution of a business means partners come and go. Sometimes, though, conflict comes from other actions.

When a firm's majority shareholders take action that pressures minority shareholders to sell their stake in a company that is considered a “freeze-out”. Majority shareholders can make a variety of moves that a court would consider freeze-out tactics, such as the termination of minority shareholder employees or a refusal to declare dividends. Freeze-outs usually occur in closely-held companies where majority shareholders have much closer interactions.

Hance Law Firm, a Downtown Wayzata firm, has extensive experience bringing and defending minority shareholder freeze-out claims. We have represented businesses at every step of the way, making us the natural choice for all your business law needs. We have experience providing solid initial legal planning to clients, including drafting of shareholder agreements to eliminate the opportunity for freeze-out actions and provide for minority shareholder redemption rights. We have represented clients in all kinds of freeze-out claims, from strategic mergers designed to eliminate unwanted minority shareholders to wrongful terminations. We have also defended clients against similar claims.

Hance Law Firm Combines a Thorough Understanding of the Business World with Precise Legal Experience to Provide Excellent Service in Resolving Your Minority Shareholder Freeze-out Claim.

Stephen Hance is a skilled negotiator who is often able to resolve a client's dispute without the need for a lawsuit. He has successfully represented clients in state and federal court, including alternative dispute resolution forums like mandatory mediation and arbitration.

Minority shareholder freeze-out claims can be complicated to sort out and involve a complex set of laws that require business expertise. Hance Law Firm has that expertise. We know the law and the rights that minority shareholders have available to them and the remedies that come from violations of those rights. Whenever possible, we negotiate an effective and efficient resolution to our clients' minority shareholder disputes but we understand that sometimes negotiations fail and a case has to be resolved by a judge or a jury. When that happens you want skilled litigators who will tenaciously advocate for your rights in court.

If your business is facing a minority shareholder freeze-out dispute, or if you are thinking of starting a business and would like advice on how to protect your interests, contact Hance Law Firm. We service clients in Wayzata, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

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