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Misappropriation of Confidential Information – Trade Secret Claims

As your business grows and evolves those key pieces of information critical to your success develop certain legal protections. Your trade secrets are an integral part of your commercial privacy rights which is why you want to turn to knowledgeable, experienced business lawyers to represent your commercial interests.

Stephen Hance is an experienced practitioner in the complex arena of commercial privacy rights. Hance Law Firm, located in Downtown Wayzata, represents business clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area in the creation and protection of all kinds of commercial privacy rights.

Trade secrets can be expansive and basically cover any information used in a business that is secret and that gives economic advantage to the person with knowledge of it. A plaintiff in a trade secrets misappropriations dispute must show that the information was not in the public domain and that the owner of the trade secret took reasonable measure to keep that information secret.

Because Trade Secrets can cover a wide Range of Information that may not Necessarily seem “Secret” Businesses and Individuals can Suddenly find Themselves wrapped up in a Trade Secrets Dispute. These can be Expensive and Complicated and can Suddenly bring your Business to a Standstill.

Before that happens contact Hance Law Firm. We have extensive experience working with clients in resolving trade secret disputes. We bring a broad sweep of experience to every negotiation and file. If you suspect a violation of your trade secrets you will need to act quickly to halt the offending actions and to mitigate any damages to your business. We will efficiently and aggressively defend your business and your brand.

Unlike copyright law, trademark law is created by common law at the state level which means the doctrine developed over time, making it a complex field of practice. Stephen Hance is an experienced practitioner who understand this area of the law. Hance Law Firm understands how business works and the need for common-sense solutions that respect commercial privacy rights without stifling new and competitive ventures. We can help you distinguish what information qualifies as a trade secret and what is likely to be considered part of an employee's skill set and therefore excluded from protections. It's nuance like this that set Hance Law Firm apart from the field.

Proving competitive advantage in a trade secrets misappropriation claim can be a complicated and detailed task. Stephen Hance understands the burden to show and the work it takes to get there.

Hance Law Firm can also advise you regarding current practices and measures in effect to protect your trade secrets to make sure they offer sufficient legal protections. We understand how businesses work which makes us a great member of your team. Contact Hance Law Firm for all your trade secrets and commercial privacy needs. We know what it takes to keep your business protected and your trade secrets private.

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