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Real Estate Law

Clients embroiled in a real estate dispute face a host of unique challenges due to the nature of real property law, which is why it is so critical to have an advocate who understands the real estate business and can push your case toward resolution. Stephen Hance is just that kind of advocate.

Most Real Estate Transactions are Conducted via Contracts, which means a Real Estate Dispute will Involve a Good Deal of Contract Law.

Stephen Hance has a strong background in business law and litigation and as such, he knows contracts and how to draft and interpret them. It's a merging of skills and talents that benefits our clients.

Hance Law Firm handles all phases of litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Often, disputes regarding real estate transactions, by contract, must be resolved through arbitration through AAA or another arbitration forum. We have an impeccable record in handling arbitrations for our clients. Similarly, our extensive experience in all types of judicial court litigation gives us an advantage when real estate disputes end up in court.

District court cases we have handled include: mechanic's lien litigation; property line disputes; easement disputes; transactional fraud disputes; appraisal liability disputes; foreclosure reconveyance act related disputes; eviction; title insurance disputes; property damage insurance claims; partition actions and others.

Often, land use and eminent domain disputes also involve government agencies which can complicate the dispute and intimidate clients. We have experience working with these agencies to come to an efficient and effective solution. In some cases, like an eminent domain proceeding, you also have constitutional rights at issue. We work hard to protect those rights and make sure you are given the fair value and just compensation for your property.

Fair value can mean more than just the price of the property. If your business is operating from the piece of condemned property, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss or disruption of the business. If you don't own the land but have a lease on it, you may have other avenues for compensation as well. It's this knowledge and experience that Stephen Hance will bring to your case.

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