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Shareholder Disputes

Stephen Hance has extensive experience representing clients in “closely-held” corporations which means he has successfully resolved a significant number of shareholder disputes. When these disputes arise they can cause long-lasting damage to businesses. This damage is exacerbated if those business relationships also involve family members and friendships as is often the case in a closely-held corporation.

Whether you are a minority shareholder who needs to challenge oppressive decisions made by majority shareholders in order to protect your investment and maybe even your job, or whether you are the majority owner who needs to shield your business from attack, one thing is the same, your business needs level-headed business representation combined with aggressive and tenacious advocacy. Hance Law Firm can provide just that blend of counsel and advocacy.

Minority Shareholder Actions can be Contentious and Emotional, and Litigation Involves a Complex set of Laws.

The statutory buy-out remedies are complicated and often require retaining a financial appraisal expert. Shareholder disputes can also overlap with other contractual obligations and fiduciary duties making these disputes some of the most difficult and hard-fought cases. These are tough cases that require tough attorneys.

Hance Law Firm has a deep understanding of the law, the business climate and how to efficiently and effectively resolve a shareholder dispute while minimizing the impact to your business and your life. We have successfully represented clients in state and federal court, and obtained good results in mediation and arbitration as well.

If you are involved in a shareholder rights dispute you need to contact a shareholder rights attorney as soon as possible. Whatever the situation, the facts will be complex and likely involve records of corporate decisions, financial statements, contracts, and other business documents. These are necessary to evaluate your rights but can take time to digest. Getting them to qualified and experienced counsel as soon as possible is imperative to protect your rights. Hance Law Firm can evaluate your potential claim and advise you of strategies designed to maximize your leverage while protecting your investments and position to effectively bring or defend a minority shareholder rights lawsuit. With a centrally located office, Steve Hance services clients in Wayzata, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area. Call for a free consultation.

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