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Tortious Interference Claims

A tortious interference with a contract can occur when a party convinces another to breach or otherwise disrupt an existing contract. In most states, a third party cannot interfere with the contractual or prospective business relationships between two other parties, and if they do they risk exposure to a claim for tortious interference with contract. But the line between what does and does not constitute interference is not always clear.

This kind of business tort is complicated and can be difficult to prove which is why if you or your business faces one of these claims you want to turn to an attorney who knows this area of law. That attorney is Stephen Hance who has in depth experience in prosecuting and defending clients from tortious interference claims.

Our clients get results every step of the way. Stephen Hance is a skilled negotiator who has extensive experience representing clients in federal and state court at all stage of disputes and up through appeals. He has successfully represented clients in pre-trial and alternative dispute forums, including mediation and arbitration. Whenever possible, we work hard to resolve our clients' disputes without the need of court intervention. Business tort claims, like tortious interference with contract, bring considerable disruption to your business and early effective resolution can help you maintain your focus on running the business.

In addition to negotiating settlements, we have secured judgments, injunctive relief and orders for clients when settlement negotiations fail. We bring a unique blend of business experience and litigators' training to each client and representation.

When Your Business Faces a Claim of Tortious Interference with Contract You want Representation from Someone who Understands the Complicated and Nuanced Relationships most Businesses Share.

You want an advocate who understands your reputation means the survival or failure of your business. Stephen Hance is just that kind of advocate. Hance Law Firm, located in Downtown Wayzata, has a sophisticated understanding of how businesses work, making us efficient and effective litigators. We can represent your business at contract and relationship formation, execution and enforcement. Your business needs an advocate that is as sophisticated and principled as you. That's attorney Stephen Hance.

In a marketplace where relationships are formed and broken at an increasingly rapid pace, your business needs an advocate that understands the business world to best protect it. Contact Hance Law Firm and let us represent your business needs.

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