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Trade Name, Trademark or Copyright Infringement Claims

For many of our clients it was a spark, an idea, that launched their business. And unlike tangible goods, intellectual property can present its own unique challenges and issues in developing and protecting. If you work in the business of ideas you want counsel that knows the world of intellectual property law and can create and enforce the protections the law grants your intellectual property. Stephen Hance has extensive experience representing clients in all stages of intellectual property development, registration and enforcement.

Hance Law Firm Represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Trade Name, Trademark or Copyright Infringement and can help Counsel You in all your Intellectual Property Needs. Each type of Protection is Unique and Complex which is why You want Hance Law Firm Representing your Interests.

Trademark infringement claims involve any violations of the exclusive rights that attach to a trademark without permission of the owner or licensee. If another business uses a trademark which is close enough to yours to cause confusion, uses an identical mark in relation to products or services which are the same or similar to your business's you likely have a claim and should contact Hance Law Firm located in Downtown Wayzata.

Trade name violations are similar to trademark infringement claims in that another party is trying to trade on the good will and branding of your business. Like trademark infringement claims, trade name violations are especially important to address quickly and effectively. Many times your business is only as good as your reputation and if other parties are trying to leverage your hard work or pass off goods or services based on that reputation your good reputation could be at risk. If that's the case contact Hance Law Firm. We will aggressively protect your brand and your name.

We are also experienced in prosecuting and defending copyright infringement claims. A copyright infringement claim exists anytime there is an unauthorized or prohibited use of works that are under copyright. Copyrights usually protect creative works from unauthorized reproduction, performance, or the making of derivative works.

Hance Law Firm can help your business in the creation of copyrights and see that through to the enforcement of those rights. We will act quickly to bring an end to your intellectual property dispute. We understand that sometimes the best service we can provide is to keep our clients out of court and to settle their claims efficiently so their business can push ahead.

But when necessary we will go to court to represent the rights of our clients. In business your ideas are everything, and if those ideas are under attack so too is your business. When that happens you want experienced, knowledgeable counsel on your side. Contact Hance Law Firm for all your intellectual property needs. Let us protect your ideas and your brand.

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