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U.C.C. Related Priority, Warranty or Contract Disputes

The uniform commercial code governs contracts for the sale of goods and is a specialization of business litigation that requires tough litigation skills and an understanding of how marketplaces work. Not all goods and not all transactions are governed by the uniform commercial code which is why being represented by trial lawyers with experience practicing in this area can make all the difference to you and your business.

Hance Law Firm has experience representing client interests in uniform commercial code priority, warranty and contract disputes. This is a complex and highly specialized area of law that requires advocates with extensive experience navigating this sophisticated area of law. When two or more parties claim an interest in the same property this creates an issue of priority if that property is liquidated and the value of that property is insufficient to satisfy each of the claims in full.

We can represent your interests in all stages of a priority dispute including negotiations, settlement and litigation and appeals, if need be. Hance Law Firm has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors' committees and secured creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and related matters and are used to navigating the multi-layered rules and procedures governing these kinds of disputes.

Unlike most contracts, a sale of goods contract does not need to state with specificity all terms and conditions. Instead, some can be left open and to be negotiated between the parties or even after the contract is formed. While sophisticated business parties are accustomed to this in negotiations it can lead to misunderstandings and room for disputes which is why you want competent experienced counsel working with you in these transactions.

Hance Law Firm can represent you if you or your business is involved in uniform commercial code warranty disputes as well. In business transactions a warranty is an assurance or a promise by one party to another that something specific will happen. The other party is allowed to rely on that assurance and can seek some kind of remedy should the promised act or quality not occur.

Like other areas of Business Litigation, Uniform Commercial Code claims can Involve many Layers of a Business Transaction and Require Extensive Resources to Investigate, Prosecute and see through to a Successful Conclusion.

Oftentimes these cases leave clients exposed to significant financial losses and damages to their business reputation. With so much on the line if you or your business is facing claims related to a priority or a warranty under the uniform commercial code you can't risk being represented by someone not familiar with the law and not experienced in handling complex commercial disputes.

That's why you and your business should contact Hance Law Firm, a Wayzata-based firm servicing clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area. We have years of experience representing sophisticated business interests in negotiations and resolution of these kinds of disputes. If you or your business is facing a dispute related to the sale of goods, contact Hance Law Firm and let us fight for your rights.

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