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Unfair Business Practices and Competition

The business world isn't for the weak-kneed. Business owners must be tough and willing to jump on an opportunity and leverage a competitor's weakness to survive and succeed in this climate. But there's a fine line between aggressively pursuing market share and violating unfair competition laws and as a business owner you need quick and efficient help in enforcing that line. Hance Law Firm can be that help.

If You Think a Competitor is Illegally going after Your Business, come see Hance Law Firm - Your Wayzata Business Lawyer.

Hance Law Firm will protect your rights and minimize the impact to your business. We have successfully secured monetary awards and injunctive relief on behalf of business clients over fraudulent, defamatory and deceptive business practices. We also have extensive experience defending businesses against similar claims and take pride in the fact that at Hance Law Firm, business is at the heart of our practice.

Businesses have a range of remedies available to them when pursuing a claim of unfair trade practices and Hance Law Firm will aggressively pursue all that are available. We have negotiated settlements and won verdicts, judgments and other relief including cease-and-desist orders for a host of unfair business claims and bring this broad breadth of experience to every case. We are experienced in resolving claims like fraudulent misrepresentation, false advertising, tortious interference with a business contract, violation of a non-compete and non-solicitation agreement, breach of fiduciary duty and conflict of interest claims, among others.

Hance Law Firm has experience representing clients in federal and state court as well as alternative dispute resolution forums like mediation and arbitration. Our well-rounded background in business law makes us effective negotiators no matter what the forum. We are able to quickly and efficiently analyze a client's claim and help determine a course of action that offers the most satisfying resolution with the minimal amount of impact to the day-to-day operations of a business.

Hance Law Firm knows the marketplace and brings that knowledge to every negotiation and is often able to resolve disputes before a lawsuit is even filed. We know that sometimes the best bit of legal work we can do is to keep a client out of a long and drawn-out dispute and we are as proud of those cases that don't go to trial as those that do.

Given our broad experience we also know that sometimes it takes the litigation process to fully resolve a dispute which is why Hance Law Firm treats every case like it will go to trial. If you or your business face a claim of unfair business practices you need experienced effective counsel to guide you to resolution. Contact Hance Law Firm and let us enforce your rights and protect your business. There's too much on the line to go anywhere else. Hance Law Firm services clients in Wayzata, Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

Hance Law Firm, LTD

Today's businesses face an uncertain climate and more than ever need effective, knowledgeable counsel to help guide them to success. The attorneys at Hance Law Firm take pride in the comprehensive and reliable legal counsel they provide to their clients.

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