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Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity Claims

Corporate officers and directors have a duty not to take corporate opportunities for their own personal benefit. When that happens it's called usurpation of a corporate opportunity. Generally speaking a corporate opportunity is any advantage that, if taken by an officer or director, would be unfair to the corporation. Stephen Hance hasĀ  represented clients in bringing and defending usurpation of corporate opportunity claims.

To determine if there is a corporate opportunity courts consider whether the opportunity was discovered by the officer or director when acting in his or her corporate capacity. Courts will also consider whether the corporation can actually take advantage of the opportunity and whether any corporate funds were used to acquire the opportunity. This can be a complicated and convoluted analytical process which is why you want to turn to Hance Law Firm to help you resolve any potential conflicts of interests issues. Located in Downtown Wayzata, Hance Law Firm services clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Twin Cities area.

Often Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity Claims Involve Facts and Circumstances that don't Present any Clear or Easy Answers. It takes a Trained and Experienced Advocate to Advise Clients in those Cloudy Circumstances.

Stephen Hance has years of experience representing clients in prosecuting and defending conflicts of interest claims. He brings a wide breath of experience to every negotiation and pre-litigation meeting. Oftentimes that experience makes the difference in getting a claim settled early and efficiently. Hance Law Firm understands that sometimes the best delivery of legal services involves keeping our clients out of court.

But that doesn't mean we won't take a case to trial. Hance Law Firm treats each case like it will go to trial, giving it critical and diligent attention at every step of the way. We can represent your interests from pre-litigation negotiations in every forum through trials and appeals.

Like the business world, business litigation claims can be complex and confusing for those without a lot of experience or exposure to the marketplace. And the more sophisticated your business the more complicated the corporate opportunities and possibilities for conflicts of interests. Stephen Hance knows the law and can help advise clients so they make the most of every opportunity that comes their way while not crossing the line into a conflicted transaction.

Business transactions can be complicated and conflicts of interests issues may not always be clear or apparent. Rather than risk potential liability for an usurpation of corporate interests, contact Hance Law Firm and let us advise you through the transaction. And if you suspect an officer or director of your business is taking opportunities for himself, contact us right away. We can walk through the facts and help you make an informed decision about enforcing your rights. Let us serve your business at every step of the way.

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