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Why Do I Need a Will?

Posted by Attorney Stephen Hance | Jul 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Death is a hard thing to talk about for most people. That is why people often never get around to making a will. But do you really need one?

When you die, if you have assets and/or minor children, someone has to gather up your assets, figure out what to do with them and figure out how to take care of your minor children.

If you die without a valid will, the courts choose someone to assemble your assets and/or take care of your minor children with no regard to your wishes. With a written will, you have the power to direct who should be in charge of taking care of your estate, what should happen to your minor children and how your assets should be distributed.

So basically, if you want to have a say in how your estate and/or minor children are handled in the event you die, you should have a will.

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